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About Us

What is "The CRO Blog"?

In summary, we are here to share our years of knowledge with anyone who is looking to optimize their website for conversions. No matter if your business is an e-commerce storefront or a lead-gen website for your service or product, CRO is a must.

What The CRO Blog is not.

I am not here to sell you anything!

This blog is simply a way for me to share my vast knowledge of conversion rate optimization. I do not offer CRO services but am here to provide useful information, tips, tricks, and, more importantly, help you with CRO.

To be clear, I currently work for one of the leading CRO agencies in the United States, and I love my job. I am thrilled to do what I do every day. CRO requires a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals to get right, and again this is not what we are trying to do here.

If you are looking for a CRO agency, I would be happy to refer you, but that is not what we do here.


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